General Questions

What is self-storage and how does it work?

Self-Storage refers to Self Service Storage, it’s a system where customers rent a space, room, unit or container to keep their possession for a rental fee. The storage and retrieval of stored goods is done on “self-service” basis. Customer rent a space, room, unit or container and are given access to store their goods inside it.

Is Self-Storage a newly created service?

While it’s fairly new in Brunei, the Self-Storage industry is already a booming and growing service industry abroad. There are various companies and organisation providing self-storage service governed by associations such as Self-Storage Association Asia which AEGIS SDS is a member of.

Is Self-Storage similar with unit rental or space rental?

Self-Storage is essentially a unit or space rental with the exception that it’s meant solely for storage purposes. Using the units or space for other purpose may be deemed a breach of contract. Please refer to our terms of service for more information.

What are the benefits of storing my good in self-storage facilities?

There are many benefits in doing so, some of which include;

  • Lower likelihood of theft due to security measures in place.
  • Cool and dry condition maintained all year around, suitable for keeping most things in good condition.
  • Goods are insured by default; additional insurance coverage can be arranged.
  • Privacy; no intervention from storage provider unless there is a breach in the terms of use.
  • Clean environment; free of pests.
  • Easy access; 24/7 availability.

What are the risks involved in using self-storage facilities?

By storing at self-storage facility, you’re transferring some of the risks to the facility provider which in turn lowers risks on the item owners. The associated risks of loss by disasters such as fire and floods and theft are significantly decreased due to security measures and disaster planning in place. The risk of financial losses are further reduced by having insurance coverage on the unit and item stored within.

Do you provide logistics services?

Normally, self-storage is designed to allow customers freedom to access their units and stored item on self-service basis. However, we can provide logistic services if required at additional charges.

Enquiries, Reservations and Rental Questions

How do I make a reservation?

You can visit our U-Stow office during office hours (8:00 am – 6:00 pm) to make a reservation, alternatively it can be done via phone call to 2790468 during office hours only and e-mail to inquirysds@aegis.com.bn at any time but we reply only during office hours. Alternatively, drop us a message via the contact form here.

We strongly advise you to take around the premise before making a reservation. Reservation is only finalised once the reservation deposit is paid. Please take note on the expiration date for a reservation. Once a reservation has expired, we reserve the right to rent out the reserved unit to another renter.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Cancelling a reservation can be done in the same ways as making a reservation. We would refund your reservation deposit on successful cancellation.

How do I rent a unit?

Similar to reserving a unit, to rent a unit please contact us during office hours either by walk-in, phone call or e-mail (please refer to how to our contact information). Please refer to payment section for more information regarding payments.

How do I cancel my rental?

Rental contract can be cancelled by informing us via walk-in, phone calls or e-mails. Any rental contract that has not exceeded the minimum rental period as defined in the term of service will have the rental deposit fee forfeited upon cancellation of rental contract. Rental deposit may also be forfeited should the renter fail to clear outstanding debts or made unauthorised modification or damage the rented unit.

How do I end my rental contract?

Please contact us via walk in, phone call or e-mail to terminate or end a rental contract (please refer to our contact details). Next, please visit us to clear off any outstanding payments. Once everything is settled, you may proceed to vacate your unit and return the key fob(s) after which we would refund your rental deposit. We will not refund your rental deposit if;

  • There is a breach of contract.
  • When damage is spotted in the rented unit.
  • The rented unit was modified without permission.
  • Rental fee or other fees are not settled.
  • The key fob is missing, or you failed to return the fob.

Where can I ask for more information?

For enquiries, you may call us at 2790468 or fax 2790469, or write us an e-mail to inquirysds@aegis.com.bn or visit us at our store at Unit G3 Mentiri Complex Simpang 200 Jalan Kota Batu Mukim Mentiri.

Can I switch to other units after my rental is made?

Yes, you may change unit to any available vacant units. Please arrange with us if you wish to change unit via walk in meeting, phone call or e-mail. Changing to a unit of different size group may incur additional administrative fees.

What are the dimensions of the rooms?

We have rooms with various sizes and dimension. Please refer to our unit sizing and rental rate here.

When is your office hour?

Our office hour is 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday with one-hour lunch break from 12 pm to 1 pm and Friday Prayer break on Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm.

What is the procedure for renting unit in U-Stow?

We strongly recommend you do a site visit of the facility and unit prior to renting. This would prevent potential misunderstandings customers may have from the marketing materials. The steps are as follow;

  1. Contact U-Stow via phone/e-mail or walk-in visit to ask for availability and discuss requirements.
  2. Reserve a unit (this step is optional), a reservation deposit is needed to secure a unit. This deposit is refundable should the renter decide to cancel the reservation.
  3. Interested renter is to fill in the rental agreement form and pay the rental deposit. Reservation deposit will be carried forward into rental deposit. Renter who previously reserved a unit and paid reservation deposit will only need to pay for the outstanding amount. It is also recommended to pay the rental in advance for additional benefit and discount.
  4. Renter is to read and sign the conditions of agreement.
  5. Renter is then assigned a fob and is required to set in their PIN code.
  6. The renter can then access their unit and store their items at any time.

Payment related questions

What is the unit rental rate?

Please request for a quotation via phone call, e-mail or submitting the quotation request form. We would quote the rental rate for the selected unit or size code of your interest.

What are the different types of payment?

There are reservation deposit, rental deposit, unit rental fees, administrative fees, item purchases and other miscellaneous fees some of which only applies to certain situations.

What is rental deposit and how much is it?

Rental deposit is a sum of money paid to us as security deposit. Paying this deposit is mandatory to rent a unit. For units in size code A, the deposit is 1 month of rental fee while for units in size codes B and C would have rental deposit equivalent to 2 months of rental fee.

The deposit would be refunded at the end of rental contract if the customer fulfils the conditions stated in the terms of service. However, should there be outstanding payments or violations/breach on the term of service, U-Stow reserves the right to forfeit this deposit. Kindly refer to the terms of service for more information.

How do I make payment?

You can make payment by visiting our store during office hours. We accept cash,credit or debit card payment and direct bank transfer via app or online banking. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept online payment.

How do I know when my payment is due?

We will send you an invoice to notify you on your upcoming payment. This includes due dates and amount.

What if I forget to pay my rental?

We will send a reminder for any due payment. There may be additional service charges for payment made past the due dates. Please make sure to settle all payment on time to avoid complications.

Do you accept partial payment?

Yes, but partial payment is subject to the discretions of U-Stow management.

Is there any discount for longer term storage?

Please contact us to get information on ongoing promotions.


When can I access my unit?

The self-storage facility is open 24/7 to all customers who has their access fob and PIN.

What if I lose my key/fob/combination?

We can replace missing fob but there will be a $50 penalty in accordance to the term of service. We can reset PIN number only if the customer verified their identity, this can be done free of charge. This can only be done during office hours.

Can I allow other people to access my rented unit?

We generally do not recommend sharing access with another person. Access to the main facility is granted to customer via access fob and a PIN combination to uniquely verify the renter’s identity. This is also used as access logging mechanism and arming/disarming the intruder’s alarm. By default, we only grant fob and PIN to a customer.

Granting the access fob and PIN to another person/representative is up to the discretion of the customer and we will not be held liable for any problems or issues that may arise. The renter will be held responsible for any problems which may arise from another person or representatives who access the facility using his/her credentials.

Customers may request for additional fobs but there will be additional charges for it. Please keep in mind that at any one time only 1 customer can rent 1 unit and there can only be one PIN number assigned to one unit.

Within the facility, access to individual unit is restricted by padlocks securing each unit (self-provided or issued by us). Sharing the key/combination to the padlock is up to the discretion of the renter.

Rental & Contracts

How long can I rent a unit?

There is no limit to how long a customer can rent a unit.

Is there a minimum period for rental?

Rental period is preferably 3 months or longer. Please contact us for negotiating other options and plans.

What can I store inside and what can I not store inside the units?

Please refer to our list of restricted or banned items not allowed in our facility here.

What is the notice period to terminate the rental?

Please notify us no later than one month in advance prior to the termination date. This allows us some time to proceed with exit procedure and process any payment (or outstanding payments) accordingly.


Is my unit (along with items stored) insured?

Yes, the rental will include basic insurance for goods of values up to a maximum of $5000.

What does the default insurance plan cover?

Each rented unit will be insured with Content insurance against fire, flooding and theft.

Can I get my own insurance?

Yes, you may decline the default insurance coverage should you decide to insure your good with your personal/corporate insurance company, but this must be declared in the rental agreement form.


What security measures are put in place?

Our self-Storage facilities have multiple layers of security for ensuring the protection of your goods. Our measures in place include;

  • Security guards on patrol at regular intervals.
  • 24/7 CCTV coverage around the perimeter.
  • Access control with real time logging and monitoring.
  • 2 factors authentication using fobs and PIN.

Sales Item

Where can I get storage boxes and packaging materials?

We sell a variety of storage boxes, crates and packaging materials designed for storage purposes. Please refer to our products here.

Can I request for something not listed in your product list?

Please send us a request via e-mail, we may be able to source for the products or material that you seek.